How to Succeed at Staycation

Relaxed, rejuvenated, and reporting back: staycation 2020 was a resounding success! I posted a couple of weeks ago with ideas for how we were going to improve upon staycation 2019 and it actually helped us a lot.

Best part about staycation: not having to leave your best fur friend behind

What did we do on staycation?

It was certainly easy to skip doing any chores although towards the end of the week we snuck in a load of laundry. But it’s never a bad thing when you have to do laundry because you’re out of clean workout gear.

That’s because we rode the heck out of our bikes just about every day: woke up, got dressed, breakfasted, went for a ride.

Bike shop, COVID-19 style

We even bought new bikes! (We saved money by not buying airline tickets or paying for a hotel so if you think about it, the bikes were basically free.)

Cycling 15 to 20 miles every day was fun, tiring, and the perfect precursor to a “Pink Midi” that is, an extended afternoon of relaxing on our patio with chilled rosé in our glasses, misters on, and pinkies out.

It was Dark Horse and cost about $10, so pinkies may not have been all the way out

The trick to the misters is setting them up far enough away that you really don’t get misted at all. They’ll cool down the ambient temperature around you but without the sogginess. We got ours from Lowes for $25 and had them up and running within 20 minutes.

Midweek Pick-me-up

Midweek, we biked to Central Market and picked out some fun treats to put in our “hospitality basket.” Bath flowers, face masks, body scrub, Grady’s cold brew, wine, and chocolate all made the cut.

homemade hospitality basket for our staycation
Our hospitality basket had bath flowers, cold brew, chocolate, and lots of fancy soaps!

We grilled out every day, including Beyond Meat burgers, homemade pizza, swordfish, and tofu to top the best rice bowls this side of the Mekong Delta.

Getting close to perfecting the art of grilled tofu
pizza success on staycation
Pizza numero uno: avocado and red onion
We made a classic Margherita too

Just to be totally sure we were abiding by the “no diet” staycation guideline, we also made and consumed 4 dozen cookies. Rules are rules.

Other Things We Did on Staycation:

  • Had a spa day
  • Played lawn games
  • Binge watched Survivor Micronesia
  • Started and almost completed a Liberty Puzzle
playing Molkky lawn game on staycation
If bowling and horseshoes had a baby, it would be Mölkky

Things We Didn’t Do on Staycation:

  • Work
  • Think about work
  • Household maintenance
  • Run errands
  • Chores
We did spot a wild Barkley in his native habitat

The Verdict

After staycation 2019 we vowed never to do it again. Then along came COVID and all of a sudden staycation was back on the docket. And dare I say, I think we’re getting the hang of it. 🙂

staycation backyard picnic
Wine was drunk, games were played

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10 Replies to “How to Succeed at Staycation”

  1. Why is no one asking more questions about avocado pizza? This is a thing? I went 40 years without knowing this was a thing?! Gonna have to give that a shot

    1. I know, right?! We just learned about it from friends last year and it’s been a staple ever since. It’ll change your life.

  2. OMG!! Avocado pizza sounds weird, but…avocado = good! Pizza = good! How can you miss?! But the main dish is Barkley!!!! Delicious in every way!!!

    1. There’s no competing with Barkley but avocado pizza comes close.

  3. you’re absolutely right about the bike. will take that with me when i justify buying one before the wife. you’re gonna be my reference, ok?

    1. haha yesss – those vacation funds gotta go somewhere, right??

  4. Gah you did so much better than us – we managed to both end up working and doing chores on our staycation!

    1. Oh no! That was like us on our last staycation. Hopefully you’ll get a chance for a do-over soon! 😀

  5. Theresa, this light-hearted post helps us to survive the onslaught of the daily news and the isolation. Thanks. Cheryl

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I’m happy to be able to bring some lightheartedness to these trying times. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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