Why Venue Buyouts are the Bomb

Victorian Inn

Offsite company meetings are about so much more than just collaborating on business plans.  A good company offsite fosters camaraderie, builds personal relationships and encourages employees to forge a deeper connection with their teammates and the company, thus increasing productivity and buy-in on reaching company goals and milestones.

One of the ways you can foster that feeling of closeness and belonging is choosing the right sized venue.  It might be easy to pick a large convention hotel and pass off the majority of the legwork to a convention services manager, but your results will be maximized if you take the time to find a place that’s just the right size for your group.  From an Airbnb for a very small start up to cabins or a boutique hotel for a medium sized company, there is something out there that will accommodate anyone.  If your location is flexible, all the better!

Here are just a few reasons why finding the right-sized venue for your group is worth the extra effort:

No Need for Name Tags

No need for attendees to wear name tags or lanyards to be identified as part of the group.  If they’re there, they belong.

Group Skiing at Timberline Lodge

Everyone Feels More Special

A whole venue just for us? Wow, our company is cool. (Or something like that.)

More Options for Spaces You Can Use

Instead of relegating functions to meeting rooms, you can make use of common areas too.  There is a lot of thought put into the comfort and decor of hotel lobbies.  If there are no outside guests to accommodate, these common spaces are all yours!

Team Dinner in the Cabin at Timberline

Personalized Attention and Then Some

Being the only guests at the venue makes it easier for staff to interact with you and anticipate your needs.  You can often arrange hours to suit your schedule more easily as well.  Need an on site restaurant to open early or stay late? It never hurts to ask.


Buyouts sound expensive (and is one reason they make your attendees feel special), but they can actually be a very economical choice.  The more money you spend with a venue, the better pricing you’ll get.  Taking over a place completely and keeping as many meals, meetings, and activities as you can in-house, gives your funds a lot more buying power.

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