5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Move to Ventura, CA

REASON #1: The Weather is Terrible

It’s always so sunny and breezy.  Booooring.  I mean, could we get a blizzard or something once in a while? Hail? Anything besides a steady 75 degrees??

Beach House Ventura, CA

On a boat in Ventura, CA


REASON #2: It Has Way Too Much Character

Everyone knows a good city should be bland, characterless and full of big box stores.  I keep walking around Main Street looking for the Wal-Mart but all I can find are boutiques and artisan shops!

I had to walk through a bookcase to get into a bar. What happened to good old fashioned doors?

Main Street Ventura, CA

Harbor Village, Ventura, CAThe Tavern, Ventura, CA


REASON #3: It’s Entirely Too Fertile Here

Who actually wants to pick an avocado straight off a tree? I prefer the convenience of buying mine at a grocery store.  They taste better after being shipped a couple thousand miles, amiright?

Avocado Tree, Ventura, CA

Valencia orange trees, Ventura, CA


REASON #4: There’s Nothing to Do

What is there to do after you’ve laid on the beach, taken a boat out, explored the Channel Islands, paddle boarded in the bay, walked around the harbor, watched fireworks on the shoreline, picked strawberries at a farm, visited the wineries and explored the cool bar behind the bookcase? Doesn’t anyone have a looming deadline around here? No one is rushing from place to place and there isn’t even any traffic to sit in!

Harbor Walk, Ventura, CA

relaxing in the sun, Ventura, CA

I’m dying of boredom here.


REASON #5: There Aren’t Enough Bugs

Don’t you sometimes just crave a good mosquito bite?

Houses in the Ventura Keys



Just me?


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6 Replies to “5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Move to Ventura, CA”

  1. It sounds so terrible! How do you survive?! 😂😂

  2. If I didn’t already live here, I’d move here! Great job, Theresa!

    1. Thanks Katie! It’s forecast to be 109 degrees in Austin on Monday – hope you’re enjoying your boring 75 degrees. ;D

  3. Bradley Bass says: Reply

    Discourage as many as you can. then maybe the housing prices will go down!

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