San Francisco’s Museum of Ice Cream

Sprinkle pool at the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, CA

I’ve been dying to go to the Museum of Ice Cream ever since it was a pop up in New York City. (Right after I moved away, darn!)

Finally I made it! Here’s the low down.

The Ambiance

Very cute. All pink and pastel-y and full of kitsch. I’m subtracting a few points for the sticky floors. But everyone is wandering around chomping on ice cream so sticky floors shouldn’t be that surprising. Also, you’re eating ice cream, who cares?

To get inside you can take the stairs or go down a slide. We picked the slide, duh!

Welcome, slide right in!
Paint your face and gab on the old school phone in Marie’s Diner.

The Ice Cream

This museum isn’t like the Tate or the Louvre where you wander through endless rooms, circling back on yourself a million times trying to assuage your OCD by confirming that you saw every last blippin’ piece of art. (No, just me?)

There’s one set route at the Museum of Ice Cream and there are sweet treats along the way!

SPOILER ALERT: I’m about to tell you all about the kinds of ice cream you’ll get to eat. I assure you, they’ll still taste as good, even if you know what’s coming!

[1] ONE

The first one was an ice pop, kind of like an otter pop. Choose your own flavor!

[2] TWO

Your choice between a sprinkle cup or a little sprinkle cone. I picked the tiny cone, because: tiny cones!

Enjoying a tiny cone at Marie’s Diner


Lemonade dip’n dots. (My first time to try these – they don’t have them under the rock where I live.)

[4] FOUR

Pumpkin pie treat: vanilla ice cream in a pie crust with pumpkin flavored chocolate shell on top.

Cute pink jumpsuits and pumpkin “pie”!

[5] FIVE

My personal fave: a cookie sandwich! Chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in between. mmm.

[6] SIX

There is no sixth one, I just felt bad after making this list, like I’m somehow infringing on MOIC’s proprietary ice cream scoop. I’m sorry.

The Activities

I won’t spoil these like I spoiled the ice cream flavors, but everyone knows about the sprinkle pool by now. I was so excited to play in it until I got there and realized I’m way too big of a germaphobe to actually get in. I put one foot in to say I did, and then made do with some photos. Enjoy!

Magnetic word wall
Bead bracelet-making station

THE COUP DE GRAS (aka Sprinkle Pool):


Glad I went but definitely only a one time thing. It felt a little bit like visiting a stage set up for a photoshoot but honestly, I had fun taking goofy photos while I was there so can’t really count that as a drawback!

At $38 per ticket with an additional $6.50 service fee, I thought it was a tad expensive for what it was. Still fun to do once though!

A round of applause for the Museum of Ice Cream.
Don’t forget the merch!

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