Where to Stay in the Swiss Alps

small village of Mürren in the Swiss Alps

Much like our planning for the Swiss Riviera, when it came to booking a stay in the Swiss Alps we were stymied by the myriad possibilities. Every little town seemed to have its own pros and cons and it was hard to figure out just which one was going to suit us best.

There are actually several regions that make up the “Swiss Alps.” In this post I’m talking about the Alps in the Berner Oberland region which is in central Switzerland and considered the most quintessentially “Swiss” of the Alpine regions.

Here is our overview of where we stayed, where we wished we’d stayed, and where we would never, ever stay. (And a few other nice towns in between.)


Interlaken is the “big town” of the Swiss Alps. It is large and situated at a crossroads where you can easily get to and from other smaller towns. Friends of ours spent two weeks in the Alps this summer and based themselves from Interlaken for its easy access to other places. That worked well for them although they said Interlaken itself wasn’t super special unless you love high end shopping. We didn’t stop or stay in Interlaken so can’t give a first hand account of it. But like my mention of Lausanne on the Swiss Riviera, I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten it!


Everything I read about Lauterbrunnen made me think it was a super small one-horse town. I guess it kind of is but when you compare it to the mountainside villages like Wengen and Mürren, it doesn’t seem so paltry anymore.

There was a marathon going through Lauterbrunnen while we were there. We stopped to cheer them on!

Lauterbrunnen sits at the bottom of a valley. Lots of articles said ‘don’t stay here, stay on the mountain where your views are better because you can look down and over the valley.’ I get that. However, the views looking UP into the mountains are really nothing to sneeze at. Lauterbrunnen has the added bonus of being a good train station hub to get to other parts of the mountain. There are also some wonderful waterfalls you can walk to from here, like Staubbach Falls and Trümmelbach Falls.

It’s not the top of a mountain but these views are just as beautiful in my opinion.
Staubbach Falls in the Swiss Alps.
Staubbach waterfall in Lauterbrunnen. There is a steep path and stairway that takes you up and behind the falls for a very pretty view.

Like Gruyères, there is just one main street that goes through town with most of the shops and restaurants. But unlike Gruyères, this street is quite long and if you walk far enough it turns into a beautiful country path that takes you right by the waterfalls, and alongside a bubbling mountain stream, and then eventually to the Stechelberg cable car where you can take a lift to Gimmelwald, Mürren, Birg, and on to the Schilthorn and Piz Gloria if you’d like.

This was part of the “hiking” path so if you’re wondering – yes, there is plenty of beginner hiking here also!
Vending machine along the country path with cheese and wine – where was this in the Lavaux Vineyards when we needed it!?
I just couldn’t get over the color of the water. It was (weirdly?) almost milky looking.

Lauterbrunnen is one of the towns where cars are allowed. If you are driving to the Alps, there is a car park where you park your car in Lauterbrunnen before making your way by train or cable car up the mountain to the carless towns. We didn’t stay in Lauterbrunnen but I would definitely consider it next time. It is convenient and quaint and the two biggest drawbacks I read about – the cars and the valley views – were not an issue at all. (Small caveat: there was a marathon going when we were there so I’m not sure if the street was closed especially for that, making the car traffic much lower than normal.)

I present to you…Middle Earth.
Lauterbrunnen valley in the Swiss Alps
This valley really was the inspiration for Tolkien’s Middle Earth.


Wengen is where we actually stayed. This is a little mountainside town that you get to by taking a short train ride from Lauterbrunnen. Wengen is very cute and has a few small grocery stores, several restaurants and bars, a fair amount of shops, and tons of chalets. I imagine this is the sort of small Swiss village where a Hemingway character would spend the winter writing and skiing, and having a dramatic affair with his best friend’s wife.

Main street in Wengen, Switzerland
Wengen was small but felt like the kind of town that comes to life in ski season with fashionable snowbirds who “winter” here annually.
Cute facades in Wengen.

We were here before ski season, but we could tell that the town was preparing for imminent bustling winter activity. No cars are allowed in Wengen so it’s very peaceful. Although “no cars” really means no private cars. There are still some little trucks on the roads making deliveries and stuff, but it’s hardly noticeable.

Our cute chalet in Wengen.
Still plenty of cows up here at this time of year! They get taken down the mountain before winter sets in.
Walking path in Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps.
Just more beautiful views. It never did get old.


The minute we stepped out of the cable car gondola in Mürren our hearts were taken. There was just something about Mürren that was more soulful, more primitive, more…fresh (??) than Wengen or the other towns. It almost felt like stepping back in time to what one of these towns may have felt like fifty or sixty years ago. It is one of the locations where the James Bond movie, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ was filmed in the late 60s, so recalling images from that film might have had something to do with our “flashback” feelings.

Tiny little main street in Mürren.
The town of Mürren in the Swiss Alps.
That long tunnel goes up to the Schilthorn and the Piz Gloria where parts of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ were filmed.

Mürren is quite a bit higher up than Wengen so the mountains seemed so much closer and more omnipresent.

Views in Mürren in the Swiss Alps.
View from our lunch table at Hotel Bellevue.

We had the best salad of our trip in Mürren at the Hotel Bellevue. The terrace was spacious and offered amazing views and the waiter was very kind. After ten minutes in Mürren Brian and I both admitted we would have definitely stayed here had we but known!

Umbrellas over the flowers. Brilliant!


We have friends who used to live in Switzerland and Gimmelwald was their top choice for where to stay. We didn’t actually visit but the gondola ride to Mürren goes past Gimmelwald so we got a fair look at it. Talk about a one-horse town! I’m not even sure it had a horse.

See those ten houses behind Brian? That’s Gimmelwald.

If you want super quaint, quiet, and out of the way, you’ll probably love Gimmelwald. To be honest, one reason we didn’t consider staying here even though our friends highly recommended it, is because when they were telling us which of the two guest houses they liked, they happened to mention that the shared bathroom was quite nice. Wha? No! No no no no no no….


View over Grindelwald valley in the Swiss Alps.
View of Grindelwald valley.

Now for our least favorite, Grindelwald. Even though it sounds very similar to Gimmelwald, the two places couldn’t be more different. Gimmelwald is tiny and has no cars (and a dearth of private bathrooms even!) whereas Grindelwald was full of cars, tour buses, and tourists. It felt big and commercial, like a touristy ski town in not a good way.

Somewhere over the to the left is a view of the Jungfrau peak, one of the main summits in the Bernese Alps.

Like Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald also sits in a valley. However, the valley is much wider so the views up towards the mountains just don’t seem as imposing, even though from Grindelwald you can see the three famous mountain peaks Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger. Brian and I knew we were supposed to be impressed. I mean, when your mountains have names, you perk your eyes up. But I still thought the views in Lauterbrunnen were more magical. (And you can get better views of those peaks from some of the hikes. It’s not like you have to go to Grindelwald for them.)

We didn’t fly to Switzerland for a burger and fries, yet here we are, Grindelwald.

We ate lunch in Grindelwald at an underwhelming restaurant and then headed on to the First walk, which was awesome and I posted about it here. Verdict: we did not like this town. Would never stay here.

Mountain stream in Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps.
I mean…I guess this is why Alpine bottled water is a thing?

And well, that’s it! I mean, those aren’t the only towns in the Bernese Alps, but that’s our two centimes on the ones we happened upon. 🙂

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  1. William K Varney says: Reply

    LOVED the blog on where to stay in The Swiss Alps! And of course the pics are awesome. And your tales of Lauterbrunnen, The Valley, Mürren and The Hotel Bellevue, and your cool Chalet in Wengen. I can see you and Brian had lots of fun!
    Herbal Blessings, Bill

    1. Thanks Bill! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the photos. Our salad at the Hotel Bellevue was the best of our trip but didn’t hold a candle to your edible flowers salad! Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope all is well with you. 🙂

  2. Great post! I love all your photos, keep up the good work. 💖 What a beautiful place.

    1. Thank you! I love sharing fun places and learning about new ones. 😀

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